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Fes el Jdid, Morocco and its Mellah (Jewish Quarter.)....

"New Fes"

30 °C

Built by the Merenid Sultan of the day, back in the 14th century to monitor from his Dar el Makhzen palace the nefarious activities of the inhabitants of Fes el Bali and relocate Jews expelled from Spain and the older Fes Medina, who became useful intermediaries between the two factions. To maintain control over this sensitive situation Jews were not permitted to wear shoes outside the Medina to prevent them disappearing to somewhere else.

Today there are two Synagogues in the Mellah ( Jewish Quarter) El Fassiyene and Ibn Danan recently restored by government funding as a heritage project inaugurated by the present king Mohammed, Ibn Danan can be visited in escorted tour groups for a fee of 20 dirhams, but the older El Fassiyene Synagogue seems to be permanently locked up. In the basement is the "Mitve" ( purification bath) ......


The atmosphere in Fes el Jdid and the Mellah is quite different from Fes el Bali, the first difference is in the architecture, the Jewish houses have open steel balconies......


Many parts of the Mellah being very old don't have running water and this has to be collected from communal stand pipes....


There are several gates leading into the Mellah, this one is off Avenue Allal el Fassi, but not recommended as it winds through many narrow confusing streets.....


The main thoroughfare and best shops are along Derb el Mellah, a busy narrow street.




To avoid the congestion in Derb el Mellah Boulevard Boukhissat can be an easier choice of progress through the Medina.....


Throughout Morocco many storks nest can be seen anywhere it's safe for them to build their nests, despite the noise and clutter of Fes el Jdid this location is no exception.......


The road connecting Fes el Jdid and the north gate Rue Fes Jdid.....


The north gate is Bab Sbaa adjacent to the heavily-guarded royal palace where photography is banned!


The impressive Bab Sagma on the main highway, a good landmark for the disorientated.......large_ca9190c0-ba44-11e8-b363-cb84e3f0617e.jpg

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